“A Joyful Noise”

The friends learn to accept the different ways that God has made us.

Themes Found in This Story:

  • Accepting the differences in God’s creation
  • Sincere worship

Possible Bible Memory Verses:

  • “Make a joyful noise to the LORD, all the earth!” Psalm 100:1 (ESV)


  • Cup drum craft
  • Ampe activity game



“Haaaahh! Haaaaahh!” A loud squawk cut through the early morning air.


Jos rolled over, grumbling in his nest and pulled his hat over his ears. Omulonga burrowed deeper down into her nest. “Oi!” bellowed Nyati. “Keep it down!”


Later that morning, the friends were having breakfast. “Haaaaahh! Hi guys! What’s up?” a hadedas said cheerfully, waddling over to them.


Nyati snorted and continued chewing his grass in silence. “ ‘Morning, Imvuso,” said Omulonga, glaring down her beak at him.


Imvuso’s smile faded. “Is something wrong?”


“What were you doing out there making all that noise this morning?” asked Jos.


“Well I…I do that every morning,” said Imvuso.


“We know,” snapped Nyati.


“Oh. I’m so happy for the new day that God has given, and I just have to tell everyone good morning,” Imvuso explained.


“But you’re just SO loud,” sighed Omulonga.


“But I’m only doing what God made me to do. I’m sorry I’ve been bothering you,” Imvuso said. He turned to waddle off into the bush, his head drooping.


“Imvuso, wait,” said Nyati. “You’re right. God made us all different. And just because you sound different from us, that’s no reason for us to be mean to you. We’re sorry.”


“Yeah,” said Jos. “Why don’t you come back and sit with us?”


“We can make some joyful noises for God together,” said Omulonga with a smile.


“Haaaaahh!” squawked Imvuso excitedly. “That sounds great!”


Later, an awful noise woke Madala up from his nap. It was music. Sort of.


“Honk!” brayed Omulonga.


“Gaa-aak!” called Jos.


“Haaaahh!” squawked Imvuso.


Even Nyati was snorting and stamping his giant hooves. Madala shook his head. It might not sound like much to him, but he imagined God was enjoying it.

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