“After the Mudslide”

Madala’s house is knocked down in a mudslide and the others help him rebuild.


Themes Found in This Story:

  • Communities working together
  • Natural disasters

Possible Bible Memory Verses:

  • “I will show you what he is like who comes to me and hears my words and puts them into practice. He is like a man building a house, who dug down deep and laid the foundation on rock. When a flood came, the torrent struck that house but could not shake it, because it was well built.” Luke 6:47-48 (NIV)


  • Make a Mud Hut Craft
  • Mud Games

Extra Resources:

The Story

Maro peeked her head out of the hole that led to her home
in the tree. “Well, it seems to have stopped raining at last,” she said. Francois and Philibert stuck their heads out behind her, and Jos flitted out to sit on one of the branches. A great storm had come up, and he had taken shelter with the lemurs.

“I say,” he said. “That’s quite a mess, isn’t it?” He was looking out over the field where branch- es and bushes were strewn about as a result of the storm.

“Hello up there!” a voice called out from the ground. They looked down to see Omulonga waving at them.

“Hello, Omulonga,” Maro said. “I see you rode out the storm alright.”

“Yes,” said Omulonga. “Madala wasn’t so lucky, though. A mudslide came down the hill be- hind his house and his house has been knocked down. I’m on my way over to help. Would you like to come?”
“Of course!” Maro said. “Just give us all a minute to get down.”

The lemurs, Jos and Omulonga set off for Madala’s hut. When they got there, they found his yard was a mess of mud. Some trees had been knocked over, and all that remained of his house was a pile of grass thatching that had once been his roof. Nyati and Kili were already there, using their strength to pull away tree branches and large bit of debris. The cubs were helping too, clearing away smaller things.

Madala was sitting on the hood of his Land Rover. “Hello, Madala,” Jos said. “Are you alright?”

“Yes, I’m fine, my boy,” Madala as- sured him. “I wasn’t in the house when it fell. Good thing too, eh? There certainly isn’t much of it left.”

“We’re glad you’re alright,” Omulonga said. “But we’re sorry about your house.”

“Oh, it’s okay. I’ve been around a long
time,” Madala said.
“This isn’t the first time I’ve lost a house. The Lord kept me safe, and houses can be re- built.”

“They certainly can,” Maro said. “And we’re here to help!”

Once the debris had been cleared away, the friends got to work. Nyati found and brought in straight branches for posts. Suloliko and Maro carried in piles of smaller sticks, while the cubs and little lemurs gathered grass for thatching. Santo gave his bucket to Kili, who took it off to find some sand, while he and Omulonga got to work on the mud. Jos and Madala cleaned off those of Madala’s belongings they could find, then stretched the bark strips that would hold the sticks together.

It took a couple of days, but Madala’s hut was soon rebuilt. He was grateful for the help of his friends—he would have been in quite a mess without it. Houses may come and go, but good friends like these were a gift from God.

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