“Children in Need”

Maro cares for her siblings alone, and Suloliko wants to help.

Themes Found in This Story:

  • Child-headed households
  • Helping Christian brothers/sisters in need

Possible Bible Memory Verses:

  • “If anyone has material possessions and sees his brother in need but has no pity on him, how can the love of God be in him? Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue, but with actions and in truth.” I John 3:17-18 (NIV)


  • Lemur pencil holder
  • Bartering game



Maro was picking out some fruit at a market stall when Suloliko popped up from underneath the table. “Hello, Suloliko! What are you doing back there?”


“This is my mother’s stall. I’m helping her out until I have to go back to school tomorrow,” Suloliko explained. She pointed at the line of little lemurs behind Maro. “Who are your friends?”


“These are my brothers and sister,” Maro said. “This is Francois, Philibert, and Jejy. And this is baby Toulouse,” she said, indicating the baby on her back. “Say hello to Suloliko, everyone.”


They all waved, and Suloliko waved cheerfully back. “Are you helping your mom take care of them during the school holidays?”


“Oh no, when they’re not at school, I always take care of them,” Maro said. “We don’t have a mom and dad anymore,” she added quietly.


“Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t know that,” Suloliko said.


“It’s okay,” Maro said. “I’d better get home and start dinner though, so I’ll have time to get these guys cleaned up for school tomorrow. We weren’t able to get enough supplies for them all, but Philibert and Jejy are in the same class, so maybe they can share. And we might have some old pencils at home that Francois can use. We’ll find something.” She smiled and paid for her fruit. “I’ll see you later!” Maro called, as a little trail of lemurs followed her away.


Suloliko watched them go with a frown. “What’s wrong, honey?” asked her mom, who had just come back with more fruit.


“It’s Maro,” Suloliko sighed. “She takes care of all her brothers and sisters, but there’s not enough money for them all to have school supplies for tomorrow. I wish I could help.”


“Well,” her mother said thoughtfully. “We could give them your brother’s old school things since he doesn’t need them anymore. We didn’t make a lot of money today, but I think we can spare some to get a box of pencils and some paper.”


“Really?” asked Suloliko.


“Of course,” said her mother. “Remember, the Bible has a lot to say about helping the fatherless, and what better way to show you love your friend than by doing something to help her?”


“You’re right. Thanks, Mom!” Suloliko said, taking the money her mother handed her and running off to find some pens and pencils.

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