Getting Started

Africa Tales stories and resources are intended to be very flexible in order to accommodate a variety of needs and children. You can use these materials as a teacher or a parent. Many elements (like coloring sheets) can stand alone, or you can combine a story with a few activities — whatever best suits your group or child’s needs.

What will I find on Africa Tales?

The Tales section contains the story packages that form the core of Africa Tales. Each story package includes the story, parent/teacher notes, coloring sheets, hands-on activities and more. You can download a story’s complete package or simply the story.

Tails section introduces you to the characters of Africa Tales. Here you will find character profiles include information about the character, the animal and the character’s country.

In Fun and Games section you will find coloring pages, activities and crafts that can be used alone or in conjunction with an Africa Tales story.

Safari is a Swahili word meaning ‘journey’ or ‘trip.’ In this section take a virtual trip to Africa through maps, photos, meeting Kids Like You, and more.

For the Grown Ups provides resources for parents and teachers as you guide the children God has entrusted you on an amazing missions journey to Africa.

Teaching kids in 4 steps

  1. Choose – your story (see Tales)
  2. Adjust – your story by using the activities of the story (if included) or choose from other activities or games
  3. Discuss– the story (download the guide) or discuss the cultures and religions (Safari)
  4. Go Deeper – as you lead the children to pray for Africa (see Parent/Teacher Notes) and to learn and share God’s Word (ST4Kids)

One of the most fruitful activities you can do is discuss an Africa Tales story or Bible story with children. Use these handy guides to help you know how to lead a discussion:

Helpful links for additional kid’s resources:

Learn more about the people of Africa and what God is doing there:

  • Sub-Saharan African Peoples:
  • Africa Stories:
    The aim of AfricaStories is to tell the stories of Africa, from Africa, for Africa. God is at work on this great continent, and the Christian community needs to know and have the opportunity to respond.