“Suloliko’s Story”

Suloliko shares with Maro the story of how her family was run out of their homeland for believing in Jesus.

Themes Found in this Story:

  • Persecution of Christians in Islamic countries
  • Strength of believers who are persecute
  • Islam

Memory Verse:

“When we are cursed, we bless; when we are persecuted, we endure it;” 1 Corinthians 5:12



Suloliko sat down by the river and sighed. The river reminded her of her home back in Guinea, and she missed it very much. “What’s wrong, Suloliko?” Maro asked her, hopping down from a tree.


“I was just thinking about my old home,” Suloliko told her. “My family had to move away, and sometimes I miss it.”


“Why did you have to leave?” Maro asked.


“Well, one time, some missionaries came to our old village. They told everyone about Jesus and how He is the only way to God. My family listened and believed them, but nobody else in the village liked what they were saying.”


“I’ve heard that in some places, people chase missionaries away. Is that what happened there?” Maro wondered.


“Yes,” Suloliko said. “Then my family started to act differently, because we were following Jesus, and the rest of the village didn’t like that either. We got chased away too.”


“I’m sorry, Suloliko,” Maro told her, putting her arms around her friend and giving her a big hug. “That must have been hard.”


“Yes, it was. The other kids made fun of me at school, and my father wasn’t allowed to go to his job anymore. We tried to tell the other villagers about Jesus, and that’s when they got angry and chased us away,” said Suloliko. “They told us that if we stopped believing in Jesus, we could stay. But we couldn’t do that. So we left.”


“That’s very sad,” Maro sighed.


Suloliko nodded. “Yes. And sometimes I really do miss my home and my old friends. But it’s okay. The Bible says that we should stay faithful to Jesus, and we mustn’t be afraid to lose things here on the Earth.”


“That’s a very wise thing to remember,” Maro told her. “And just look at how well God took care of you—you have a new home now where it is safe to believe in Jesus, and new friends who will follow Jesus with you!”


Suloliko smiled. “That’s true. If we had never left, I would never have met all of you. I am very happy here. Someday, though, I would like to go back to my old village. I am sometimes sad to have left, but I am always sad that no one else there wanted to learn about Jesus. I pray for them every day, and one day, I will go back and tell them again. Maybe then, they will be ready to listen.”

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