This little fella is an Abyssinian Roller, from the country of Nigeria. He is a bold, adventurous bird, and even though he is small, he is very brave.


He is a baby Black Rhinoceros from the country of Tanzania. Rhinos have very poor eyesight, and so he always wears glasses. He is very clever, and very curious, and sometimes his curiosity gets him into trouble.


He is a chameleon from the country of Zambia. Because chameleons are frightening to many Africans, he is used to people not liking him, and because of this, he is very cranky.


She is a Sifaka lemur from the country of Madagascar. Sifaka lemurs are also called “dancing lemurs”, and Maro loves all sorts of music and dancing. She likes to laugh and tell jokes.


He is a Cape Buffalo from the country of Kenya. Because he is so big and strong, others think that he is also very brave, but he isn’t. He pretends to be, but really he is frightened of many things.


She is a Black-Footed Penguin from the country of Namibia. Her name is an Oshiwambo word which means “river”. She is very artsy and hip, and enjoys living in the city.


Stay tuned to find out more about the newest addition to Africa Tales, a Loggerhead Turtle from off the coast of Mozambique!


She is a Zebra Duiker from the country of Guinea, in West Africa. Zebra duikers are endangered, and she is shy. She does not speak often, but when she does, her words are wise.

Tshameka and Reë

Meet these two mischievous lion cubs from the country of South Africa. They love to play—anything will do, but especially soccer!