Pronounced KIH-lee

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He is a baby Black Rhinoceros (also called a Hooked-Lipped Rhinoceros) from the country of Tanzania. His name is short for Kilimanjaro (kil-lih-man-JAH-roh), the tallest mountain in Africa. Rhinos have very poor eyesight, and so he always wears glasses. He is very clever, and very curious, and sometimes his curiosity gets him into trouble.

The Black Rhinoceros is found in Eastern and Southern Africa. It’s not really black—more of a greyish color—but it was named that to set it apart from the other kind of African Rhino, the White Rhinoceros. Sometimes it is also called the Hook-Lipped Rhino because of the shape of its mouth. African Rhinos (Black and White) have two horns on their noses, while Asian Rhinos only have one. Black Rhinos use their horns for protection, but also for digging up the ground to find plant roots to eat. Their eyesight is very bad, and they will sometimes charge at trees or ant mounds because they can’t see if they are a threat or not. To make up for having bad eyes, their hearing and sense of smell are very good. Black Rhinos are an endangered species—people used to hunt them and cut off their horns because they thought they were good for medicine.

Tanzania (tan-zah-NEE-ah) is a country on the east coast of Africa. The capital city of Tanzania is Dar Es Salaam (dahr ess sah-LAHM). Each tribe in Tanzania has its own language, but the official language is Swahili—something many people learn to speak so that they can all communicate with each other. The two main religions in Tanzania are Christianity and Islam, and in Tanzania, they try very hard to get along with each other, and also with the people that still follow tribal religions. The highest mountain in Africa is in Tanzania—Mount Kilimanjaro. It is tall enough to have snow on the peak, and it can take a whole week to go up to the top and come back down again! The money in Tanzania is called the Shilling.

Kili's Tales

The Lost Rhino

Kili loses his glasses and gets lost in the bush. The other animals band together to find him.

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