Pronounced soo-loh-LEE-koh

She is a Zebra Duiker from the country of Guinea, in West Africa. Her full name is Suloliko Lamalaka (soo-loh-LEE-koh lah-mah-LAH-kah), which is a language called Kissi, and means “Close to the King”. She comes from a Muslim country and family background, and so she wears a headscarf for modesty. Zebra duikers are endangered, and she is shy. She chooses her words carefully before speaking. She does not speak often, but when she does, her words are wise.

Zebra Duikers are small deer found in West Africa, in the countries of Guinea, Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast and Liberia. They have reddish-brown coats, with black markings on the legs and zebra-like stripes on their backs. They grow up to three feet long, one and a half feet tall, and weigh up to forty-four pounds. Their small size makes it easy for them to hide in the bush from predators. The name ‘duiker’ (DYE-kur) comes from the Dutch word for ‘diver’, because of the way they dive into thorny bushes for cover. Zebra duikers are endangered, and only about 28,000 of them are left in the wild.

The Republic of Guinea (GIH-nee) is a country in West Africa. People speak many languages there, but some of the most common are Fulu, Pular and Susu. They also speak a language called Kissi, which is the language Suloliko’s name is in. The capital city of Guinea is Conakry (koh-NAH-kree). The main religion of Guinea is Islam. There are also many people who mix tribal religions with Islam. Very few people there are Christians, and those who are tend to be treated badly by their neighbors. Guinea is one of the poorest countries in the world, and many children are unable to go to school because it is too expensive, and they are needed at home to help their parents work. The money in Guinea is called the Franc.

Suloliko's Tales

Warm Welcome

The character of Omulonga is introduced, and the others welcome and offer to help her.

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