“The Lost Rhino”

Kili loses his glasses and gets lost in the bush. The other animals band together to find him. Themes Found in This Story:

  • Importance of community as family
  • Dropping your agenda to help someone in need
  • Overcoming fear with God’s help

Memory Verse: “Do not be afraid, for I am with you;” Genesis 26:24



One day Kili was playing in the bush. He saw some tracks and followed them. They led to a big hole. Kili poked his head in to get a better look, and a very angry warthog burst out of the hole and chased him away. While he was running, he tripped over a root, and his glasses fell off. The warthog chased him farther and farther, until finally he didn’t know where he was.


Later, Maro was hopping along and found Kili’s glasses. She picked them up and ran back to her friends. “Look!” she called. “Kili lost his glasses!”


“Oh no!” said Suloliko. “He can’t see anything without them.”


“He’s probably scared,” said Nyati. “We should find him and give them back.”


Quickly, the friends abandoned what they were doing and set off into the bush to find Kili. Jos flew off ahead of them, and soon he saw Kili. Kili was crying underneath a tree, and he jumped when Jos landed on his nose.


“Jos? Is that you?” Kili asked.


“It’s me, kid,” Jos assured him, patting his nose. “Are you alright?”


“I’m scared,” Kili told him. “A warthog chased me, and my glasses fell off, and I can’t see anything, and now I’m lost!” He sniffed, and a tear ran down his cheek.


With a flick of his feather, Jos wiped the tear away. “Hey, don’t worry. I can show you how to get home. Let me just go get the others.”


“No, don’t go away!” Kili begged.


“I’m not going far,” Jos said. “They’re all out here looking for you, and Maro has your glasses. That way you can see to follow me home.”


“But it’s scary out here by myself!” Kili protested.


“You’re not by yourself,” Jos told him. “God is watching over you. He has been this whole time, and He’ll keep doing it while I’m gone.”


“Really?” Kili asked.


Jos nodded. Then he realized Kili couldn’t see him and said, “Yes.”


“Well, okay then,” Jos said, patting him on the nose again before flying off to get the others. A few minutes later, they were back. They all cheered and hugged Kili, and Maro pushed his glasses back onto his now-smiling face. “Thanks for coming to find me, you guys,” Kili told them.


“Well, we weren’t going to leave you out here all night,” Nyati told him. “You’re our friend.” He smiled at him and Kili smiled back, thankful to have friends who cared for him and to them again.

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