“The Visitor”

Madala’s friend, Angus, has come to visit from Scotland, and the children are fascinated by how different he sounds and looks.

Themes Found in This Story:

  • Fascination with people who look different

Possible Bible Memory Verses:

  • “Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels
    without knowing it.”
    Hebrews 13:2 (NIV)


  • Cotton Ball Sheep
  • Character Country Worksheets



Tshameka was stalking a beetle through the bushes when someone tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around and saw a sheep standing behind him. Tshameka blinked in surprise—this sheep was like no other sheep he had seen before. His wool was actually white (instead of red and brown from dirt stains) and he wore the funniest hat Tshameka had ever seen.


“Pardon me, laddie, but could ye help me t’ find someone?” the sheep asked.


“What?” asked Tshameka. The sheep spoke with a very strange voice.


“I was askin’, lad, if you could help me find someone?” the sheep said again, a bit more slowly.


“Sorry, but my name’s not ‘lad’,” Tshameka said.


The sheep sighed. “Aye, I ken that. Sorry. I’m looking for a chameleon named Madala. D’ye know where I can find him?”


Tshameka’s ears perked up. He hadn’t understood all of what the sheep had said, but the sheep was looking for Madala, and Tshameka knew he could help him there. “Sure!” he said. “I know Madala. He lives farther up the river. Come on. I’ll show you!” Abandoning his bug, Tshameka set off.


“Thank ye very much,” the sheep said with a smile.


“No problem. My name’s Tshameka, by the way. What’s yours?”


“Angus,” the sheep said. “Angus McDougal.”


As they trotted along the river, Tshameka heard giggling behind them. Turning around, he saw Francois, Philibert and Jejy a way back in the grass, staring after them. When Angus turned to look, Jejy squeaked, and the lemurs dove into the bushes. Tshameka and Angus kept walking, and slowly the little lemurs crept out of the bushes, following them again.


“Ah, Angus! So you’ve made it at last, old chap!” said Madala when they reached his hut. He and Angus greeted each other warmly. Madala looked around behind Angus and smiled. “Looks as though you’ve brought a bit of a crowd with you,” he said. The lemur children hovered uncertainly back at Madala’s gate, joined now by Kili and Reë.


Angus looked at all the children and laughed. “Come on in then, kids! I’m no’ going to bite,” he said.


Their eyes grew wide when he spoke, but they crept in until they all stood by the door of the hut. “Children, this is my friend Angus McDougal,” said Madala. “He’s come out to visit me from Scotland.”


“Wow, that’s quite far,” said Kili, who covered his mouth quickly, surprised he had spoken.


Philibert reached out a careful finger to touch Angus’ wool. Madala rapped Philibert’s hand sharply with his walking stick. “Here now! Don’t be rude!” he said.


Angus laughed again. “It’s all right, Madala. Ye can’t fault the lad for bein’ curious. It’s quite different to his fur, I expect.”


Madala looked at the children, who were listening in wonder to the way the r’s rolled off Angus’ tongue. “Well, if you’re sure you don’t mind, then. It looks as though we’re going to have a bit of an audience for tea.”

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