“Water of Life”

A new water pump is built in the village, and Madala tells the friends the story of Jesus at the well.

Themes Found in This Story:

  • Water pumps and missions
  • Oral Bible storying

Possible Bible Memory Verses:

“Jesus answered, “Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life.” – John 4:13-14


  • Make a Mud Hut Craft
  • Mud Games

The Story

“Wow. It’s beautiful,” said Omulonga, smiling happily at the new water pump.

“It’s so…shiny,” said Tshameka, admiring the polished metal.

“Never mind that,” said Nyati. “It’s right here in the village. No more walking down to the river for water!” The friends all nodded in agreement. A few months ago, a mission group had come to their village. They were going to build a water pump for them. Before the mission group came, everyone had to walk over a kilometer to the river for water. It was a long way, and took up lots of time. But after a lot of digging, pounding and welding (and a lot of noise!), the pump was finished, and now there was nice clean water right in the middle of the village.

Nyati began to work the pump, and everyone lined up with their buckets and basins. “Can I have a turn?” asked Francois. “That looks like fun.”

“Sure,” said Nyati, stepping away from the pump.

The handle was up in the air, above Francois’ head, but he was able to reach it with a jump. Unfortunately, he didn’t weigh enough to pull the handle back down again. Philibert ran over and jumped onto Francois’ back, and when that didn’t work, Jejy jumped on the pile and added her weight.

Everyone laughed, and slowly, the handle began to move down. When they neared the ground, the le- murs pushed off with their feet, and soon the little lemurs had a rhythm going. They worked the pump up and down, getting water for their friends.

“Oh, this is so exciting, isn’t it?” asked Suloliko. “To think, we have water, right here in our village!”

“Yes,” agreed Madala. “But you know, we will have to keep coming back to this water.”

“Well, of course we will,” said Maro. “What other kind of water is there?”

“The living water of Jesus,” Madala said. “Just like our bodies get thirsty for water, our souls get thirsty for Jesus. There’s a story about it in the Bible.”

“Will you tell it to us?” asked Tshameka.

“Yes, Madala, tell us the story!” said Maro.

“Alright,” said Madala, settling back on his tail. The other animals gathered around ea- gerly. “This is a story from the Word of God. It all began when Jesus was on a journey, and he sat down by a well…”

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