“Where We Worship”

Santo goes to church with his friends and we learn about different types of churches in Africa.


Themes Found in This Story:

  • How you worship God is more important than where you worship

Possible Bible Memory Verses:

  • “For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them.”
    Matthew 18:20 (NIV)


  • Build Your Church Craft
  • Outdoor Session Activity

Extra Resources:

The Story

“Santo! Are you here?” Omulonga called as she arrived at the river bank. “It’s time to go!”

“Over here!” Santo an- swered cheerfully, waving a flipper. The turtle was al- ready sitting in his bucket, ready to go.

“Well, don’t you look smart this morning?” asked Omulonga, walking around behind the bucket and giving it a good shove to start off.

“Thank you,” Santo said, smoothing down his tie. “I wanted to make a good impression, seeing as it’s my first day at your church.”

“Well, you needn’t have worried. They’ll like you with or without a tie,” she said. They chatted merrily as she rolled him along the pathway.

“Is that where we’re going?” asked Santo, pointing with a flipper. They were coming up on a small mud building in a clearing. A hand-painted sign over the door announced that it was a church.

“No,” said Omulonga. “That’s where Madala and the lemurs go to church. We can visit there next week if you’d like. Our church is further on. It was just started a few months ago.”

They carried on, and when they got into town, they came across Nyati, with Jos perched on one of his horns. “Hello!” called Jos. “Are you two going our way?”

“We are,” said Omulon- ga. “Santo wanted to visit our church today.”

“Well, you’re in for a treat then,” said Nyati with a smile. “Jos is singing a special number with the choir this morning.”

“So that’s why you’re all dressed up,” said Omulonga, nodding at the waistcoat Jos was wearing.

Jos puffed out his chest importantly. “Indeed. I like to keep things classy. Nice tie, by the way, Santo. It’s nice to see someone else with a sense of style.” As he said this, he cast a disapproving eye down at Nyati’s tattered scarf.

“Oh, leave off my scarf, Jos,” Nyati snorted, recognizing the old argument and cutting it off before it started. “God doesn’t care what I’m wearing.” He looked down at Omulonga. “Want a lift? I’ll push Santo for a bit if you like.” Omulonga cheerfully accepted his offer, climbing up onto his back.

Before long they stopped underneath a tree where a small group was gathered. “Here we are!” announced Jos. “Excuse me, I need a word with the drummer before we start,” he said before flying off.

Nyati pushed Santo into a spot in the shade, and Omulonga grabbed some grass mats and began spreading them out over the sand so there would be places to sit.

“Not been able to get a building yet, then?” asked Santo.

“No,” said Omulonga. “We’re not sure that we want one. As long as we’re worshipping God together, it doesn’t really matter where we are, does it?”

“Very true,” Santo agreed. “And I must say, it is nice to be outside, surrounded by God’s creation.”

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